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Naha, Okinawa/ the land leased to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces/ JPY 11,600,000/ property#2013

Okinawa is the island near China and Taiwan and strategically important place as national security. Hence there are many military bases of both Japanese Self-Defense Forces and US Forces.

The land in the military base is owned by individual land owners and leased to the government of Japan.
This particular property is used as a part of Naha Base of Self-Defense Forces, and rent is paid by the government every year.

Property Data

City: Naha, Okinawa
Area: Japan Self Defense Foces / Naha Base
Bldg. Name: N/A
Price: JPY 11,600,000
Floor Plan: N/A
Size: 84.62sqm

Rental price is JPY 341,404/year, merely 2.9% yield. However, looking at the history, the rent never decreases and it's very unlikely that army will relocate. And there is no maintenance or any service charges.

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